Even the longest journeys starts with the first one step.

Cantaş Marine was established in Tuzla/Istanbul in the year 2007 and we, Cantaş Marine, since than are proud of sharing our experience and knowledge in this sector with our customer. A short while after the establishment and upon obtaining all necessarry flag state and classification society permissions and authorizattıions we opened our workshop for fire fighting bottles refilling&fire fighting equipment maintanance/repairs + liferaft service + life boat maintanance&repairs.

In the meantime we have acheived exclusive distrubitorship rights in Turkey and worldwide servicing authority from many life boats and davits manufacturers/trade marks upon attending and successfull completion of their required education programs&courses.

In 2011, we realised the insufficiency of the domestic production in the sector and consequently we established our own domestic manufacturing plant by speeding up our research and development Works. Today we have been manufacturing and exporting many products which are locally manufactured by Cantaş ( which are all duly certified by independent&recognised international survey bureaus).

In 2014 we established our Izmir Branch Office with the purpose of providing faster and better quality services to our clients in aegean sea region and since than we have been sharing our long lasting experience&knowledge with our customers in the region.

Our targeted visions are to continuously improve our product and service quality with the purpose of developing utmost customer satisfaction and to develop a reputation in the sector and amongst our clients as being more creative and as having product&service oriented quality superiority over the other competitors in the market.

Our objective is to be competitive,professionaly educated,reliable , aware of the ethical values that are appreciated and expected by the clients and to provide and maintain the best quality services at international standarts.

As Cantaş Marine we will be continuing our work and efforts in order to further develop our service and product quality&product range in all of our sector activities and at all times will be treating customer satisfaction as the top priority and importance.

Our principles.

Our customers.

Our priority is to provide top  quality&reliable and timely/speedy services to our customers in compliance with all  of the local and international rules and regulations by constantly maintaining and improving our company quality standarts in line with the needs and demands&expectations  of our customers.

To be the leader in our sector.

Our main objective is to maintain our reputation  as being the best in quality and service. in order to acheive our targeted objective we will continue our work and efforts to mainain our deserved image of being the  reference company of the sector.

Human resources.

Human resources are our most iportmant value. It is our must to acheive the utmost possible efficiency on our labour power by giving our working staff the maximum encouragement to use their creativenesses and different talents freely at all times and also encouraging them to bear their social responsibilities for developing the most comfortable and effecient working enviroment.

Solution oriented approach.

As part from serving you in all Turkish ports we would like to be your bussiness parthers also for worldwide service by giving you timely&reliable and good quality service for all of your needs and requirements within the scope of our company activities.

Business ethics.

In our bussiness relations we consider it as our ethical principle to act and be always in compliance with the international rules and the law and to make sure that considerably mutual benefits are always provided to the clients.

  • ABS
  • Class NK
  • DNV-GL
  • Korean Registar
  • Lloyd Register
  • PC
  • RINA
  • Türk Loydu

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